Working at einfal

An interesting and stabilising work routine with enlightening colleagues is part of a rewarding and successful working day.

Unemployment robs the individual of his self esteem. Long term unemployment leads to people being unmotivated. In order to combat this, einfal has developed job programmes to keep the participants active and motivated.

einfal provides participants with a wide range of opportunities to work and train not only within in it’s own projects but also provides openings in partner projects .The ultimate goal is a permanent placement Internships and on-the -job  training guarantee success.

The diversity of einfal is revealed in the vast scope of its projects and activities: Elderly Care. Office and Administration .Bicycle Transportation, Gardening, Catering, Carpentry and Metal work, Textile, Housekeeping, City Service and Further Education Service. More information below: 

The Trainee Club

We give elementary school leavers attending the 8th class the oppurtunity to join our trainee club. Our aim is to train participants in all fields of work enabling them to succesfully apply for jobs and thereby assisting them in the transition from school to career. 

Buvo-Office, Administration and Organisation

einfal has a wide variety of internal and external offers for those seeking jobs in the field of commercial business. Partakers can brush up exsisting skills or learn new skills. It is possible to work as a telephonist, communication designer/officer or to work in human resource etc. 

City Service

The City Service addresse job seekers over 45. Not only do they actively help as city guides and pilots in the centre of Eimsbuttle and Eidelstedt ensuring that things run smoothly, but also advise and supervise community projects. 

Diversity Market

einfals assists companies to establish themselves on the market. The firms involved are schooled in the pricipals of the diversity market and the best method to apply them. 

Bicycle Station

At our bicycle station in Dammtor-Rotherbaum you can repair, borrow or buy a bike. Everything pertainig to bicycles is on offer there. We facilitate in all respects to ensure environmentally friendly transportation in Hamburg. 

Landscaping and Gardening

Job seekers learn new skills on the job. Starting from scratch with sowing and planting they also learn how to retail their harvest to various charities. 

Catering/ Hospitality and Housekeeping

In our scheme the job seeker soon finds his pitch. Whether as a kitchen assistant, as waiters or as first class cooks. The work is varied and practice orientated. Our commitments focus on catering to schools in Eimsbuttle and providing our on the spot participants with breakfast, snacks and lunch. 

Hamburg Coaching Project

This is a pilot project exclusive to Hamburg which seeks and creates long term jobs for young people. It is aimed at young people under 25 who receive ALG 11 and are registered with the unemployment agency ARGE. It also addresse companies specifically engaged in employing young people and offers them a wage supplement system  lasting ten months during which the young person receives job guidance coaching. 

Intercultural Elderly Care

Migrants on ALG II benefits have the possibility to become a  state qualified  elderly care worker after one years training. In addition to their ALG 11 benefit the participant receives for his/her extra duties a monthly sum of 210,- Euro over a period of ten months during the one year traineeship. 

Job Lok Hamburg

Established to help young job seekers from the Lenzsiedlung in Lurup and Osdorfer Born it is now a good functioning network between all the relevant parties involved in the crucial job market. The participants are advised and supported in their planning and furthering of their career. 

Jobs Unlimited

The target group is both small and middle size companies as well as disabled persons who posess commercial business qualifications or are knowledgable in this field of work. The companies are trimmed in market strategies which strengthen their position and create new jobs. The participants are schooled in the internal distibution of their particular firm. 


Not only locksmiths, mechanics and warehouse assistants, but also other job seekers have been provided with interesting metalwork. The work is specialised –it ranges from bicycle repair to custom made articles such as the restoration of an intricate historical fence. 

Museum Work

Experienced museum assistants teach job seekers how to build a museum. The goal is to erect a museum on the subject of migration that offers varying exhibitions. The participant is actively integrated in duties such as display, graphic design, marketing and archiving. 

Potential Over 45

Together with our Hamburg developement partners ,Potential Over 45’, we at einfal offer persons of 45 and over numerous market chances. einfal overcomes the battle of unemployment of this target group with adult education  and  specialised placement offers. 

Spenda Bel

People with low budgets, exsisting on social benefits or unemployment benefits 11, have the chance to buy affordable goods in our second hand shop. Our stock ranges from women’s, men’s and children’s clothing to household, furniture and giftware. Retailing abilities are activated in on-the job training. 

Textile Works

Under the trained eye of a skilled worker clothing and furnishings are produced anew ,changed ,modernised and repaired. The list of products is long. Curtains, blinds. Cushions, tablecloths. Bedwear, made to measure orders etc.  Participants are trained in sowing and other household skills. 


While actively training in carpentry and learning woodwork skills the job seekers work on community projects such as playground services for play-schools and schools. Tables, benches and cupboards are also produced as part of the project.