Our Service for Job Seekers …

Opportunities for job seekers

Job seekers who receive supplementary benefits but participate in a job programme can earn up to 210 Euro per month for extra work. Working hours range from part time to a maximum of thirty hours.


The integral goal is to achieve placement. Our team addresses participants to further and develop required skills while scouting for new openings.

Qualifications/ Life Long Learning

Life Long Learning maintains flexibility and promotes job opportunities, therefore it is a necessity. einfal provides skills and development programmes to advance and widen job experience and as an organisation participates in various development partnerships. 

Youths and Younger People

einfal is aware of the difficulty youths and younger people have approaching the market. Therefore sensitive counselling helps to overcome initial difficulties. Firstly, to help elementary school leavers we have chosen preventative methods such as an integral skills day. Furthermore, our project – The Trainee Club – prepares secondary school leavers for the direct transition from school to a job.

In addition our project U25 gives youths and adults under the age of 25 extra job guidance coaching. While working on community projects combined with personal betterment e.g. qualifications, the participants are coached, and get social advice when problems prevail, which gives them the chance to find placement or training. The Hamburg Coaching Project programme not only offers this target group good opportunities, but also supports the promotion of creating and securing long term jobs for young people.