Our Parent Companies

The einfal GmbH has two parent companies, The Society for the Protection of German Forests and the Woodland Concern. 

Their Influence

Our partners influence our actions because in contemporary life environmental protection and the economy are inseparably bound together. Only respect for the environment and work for all secures a worth-while future for us and our children. 

The Society for the Protection of German Forests

The SPFG was established in 1971 and is a recognised charity/ non profit Organisation according to the German Environmental Statue. The main priorities of the Organisation are following:

- Traditional conservation work such as landscaping and preservation of the ecosystem as well as producing organically grown products.

- Designing and erecting playgrounds and outdoor activity centres.

- Agenda 21-environmental work and educational project. 

Woodland Concern

The foremost goals of the Woodland Concern are; to create natural woodland in designated areas and to promote/ encourage environmental education. In joint venture with businesses ecological projects and environmental education are put into force. A part of the practical success entails planting individual trees as well as wooded areas. The Woodland’s bus ,the rolling/mobile classroom’, is used to support environmental education .It offers schools a lively framework in which they  can educate  children about the environment in natural surroundings on home-ground/on their doorstep.